oh my word. I thought we were friends. I know for sure we were better friends than you and him. It really hurts that you seriously think those things about me because I thought you knew me better than that.

I ended it with him for multiple reasons…the biggest one being that after almost four years I know he cheated on me at least once. Then after I said we could try and fix it I find multiple dating/sex finder website profiles he made…

And yes I was weak and wrong because I tried many times to end it with him after that and every time I felt bad because he would guilt trip me. And to you it may seem like i was toying with him but he was toying with me. 

and that summer where it officially ended…There was no one else. I didn’t return home to fuck anyone. I returned home because my dad had cancer and my family needed me. and all he did was whine about how long I would be gone and yet he never made a trip to come see me…

I packed my family’s home up so they could move, Nannied my younger sister, drove my dad to his doctor appointments and watched him suffer, and still drove the 5 hours there and the 5 hours back on multiple occasions to see him. Please tell me when I had time to be with someone else.

From the day I found out he slept with someone else to the day I left that summer I was never sober. I had to be high, drunk, or both just to look at him…just to look at myself. I wanted to vomit every time I had sex with him. I was ashamed and my confidence was broken. 

Why didn’t I end it sooner? because like i said before I was weak. I was scared to be alone and that was selfish of me.

Did I move on quickly? You bet I did. I was over that boy before I broke up with him. I needed to move on. and he did to.

It was toxic and it was unhealthy.

personal friends cheating over it now